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I like to try new things, live as healthy as I can, live, and write about are my personal experiences and of those close to me. In an attempt to help move the world forward, back around really, to a time when natural remedies were more commonly used. Many of these remedies may work well with traditional Western medications and some may replace them.

In a world full of pharmaceuticals, we often wonder if there is a better way to help with us with our afflictions. While traditional medications may, and do help to some degree, what does nature provide that may be just as effective or even more so ? Herbal remedies, dietary supplements, and vitamins have been around since the beginning of human life in some form. Many of us take daily vitamins or supplements, from vitamin C to Melatonin. Despite what mainstream medicine may say, we know what these natural substances can do for us. Of course, just like pharmaceuticals, every individual responds differently to each alternative supplement. What may work for many, may not work for you and vise versa. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence as well as scientific studies and patents that show the promise of herbals & botanicals. Yes, supplements are a big money maker for those selling them. However, for the most part these supplements have little to none side effects and don’t cause problems if you were to stop using them. In our opinion, it is better to take a natural substance rather than a manufactured chemical from big pharma, or a combination of both, all dependent upon what your condition is. As always, consult your physician.

More and more people are finding the healing benefits of natural remedies. From anxiety to inflammatory pain, ADHD to Parkinson’s . . . there may be a solution for you, provided by mother Nature.

I will do my best to provide stories, research articles, and the latest news on legal CBD oil ( Cannabidiol ), medical marijuana, and other natural supplements you may or may not have heard of.

Please check back often, maybe we’ll open a mind or two . . . or even help people live healthier !

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